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Supporting Ghanaian Businesses

Supporting Ghanaian Businesses

As a Ghanaian company, it’s important for us to support fellow Ghanaian entrepreneurs. We believe the best way to help Ghana is to support our local economy. Currently, there are no sock factories in Ghana, and indeed in all of ECOWAS (Economic Community of West African States, or West Afica’s trading union). We hope to start local manufacturing in the future, but right now we’re focusing on doing what we can to support other Ghanian businesses.

For example, all our packages are shipped through GhanaPost. And all the accessories, such as our Kente gift bags, are made in Ghana by local artisans. About six months ago, when we just started, we met Madi, a local tailor in Accra’s Arts Centre. He was not able to afford his own sewing machine, or workspace. Therefore, he was renting a spot and a machine at someone else’ shop, working as an employee. 

Madi in his new store

Thanks to our customers, and your demand for Madi’s gift bags, in four months he managed to buy his own sewing machine, and opened his own shop. Madi now has a store that makes Kente bags and other accessories, some of which we will feature on our website soon. If you’re in Accra, let us know and we’ll help direct you to his store!

This is a thank you note, from us, to you. Your purchases not only support Afrisocks, but also other local entrepreneurs here in Ghana. 


Afrisocks CEO, Huzaif, with Madi, in his new shop

Afrisocks Founder & CEO, Huzaif, with Madi, in his new shop