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Afrisocks is featured on BET France!

Thanks to the Amazing team from CreaTV, we got featured on BET France, where we got to talk about our designs, the meaning behind them, and the amazing Afrodyssee African fashion festival.  Check it out below! Emission n°23- Afrodyssée from CREA'TV on Vimeo.

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We're being copied 😱 by Chinese made knock-offs

When we started Afrisocks a little over a year and a half ago, we thought we had a small idea that we were curious to test out. 20,000 socks later, with customers in over 60 countries, we know we have a hit. Unfortunately, every entrepreneurial journey comes with its own setbacks, and here is our most recent one: we’re being copied by cheap Chinese knock-offs. Here’s how the story begins: when we drew up our beautiful designs at a cafe in Accra (shoutout to Cafe Kwae) we tried to find sock manufacturers worldwide. Ghana doesn’t have any sock factories, nor does the rest of ECOWAS. We started talking to factories in China, India, South Korea, and Turkey. Most of the samples we...

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Supporting Ghanaian Businesses

As a Ghanaian company, it’s important for us to support fellow Ghanaian entrepreneurs. We believe the best way to help Ghana is to support our local economy. Currently, there are no sock factories in Ghana, and indeed in all of ECOWAS (Economic Community of West African States, or West Afica’s trading union). We hope to start local manufacturing in the future, but right now we’re focusing on doing what we can to support other Ghanian businesses. For example, all our packages are shipped through GhanaPost. And all the accessories, such as our Kente gift bags, are made in Ghana by local artisans. About six months ago, when we just started, we met Madi, a local tailor in Accra’s Arts Centre....

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Kente Cloth - Our Afrisocks inspiration

  We figured the best way to start our blog is to tell you more about the origin of our designs. Afrisocks is inspired by the Ghanaian traditional cloth - Kente. Its colours, geometric shapes, and designs are a symbol of Ghana and its culture. Kente, is the most widely used textile in Ghana. Traditionally it was created by a hand-loom, strip by strip. The strips were then woven together to form a larger fabric. One interpretation of the word Kente is "strip weaving". Another explanation for the origin of the word "kente" is also commonly tied to the Asante phrase, "ke-ente," which means "whatever happens to it, it will not tear." Kente was originally woven from thin raffia yarn fibers. It's origin is...

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