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Boga Mask & Sock Combo
Boga Mask & Sock Combo
Boga Mask & Sock Combo
Boga Mask & Sock Combo

Boga Mask & Sock Combo

  • Large - US 8-13 (EU 41-46)
  • Small - US 4.5-7.5 (EU 35-40)

Stay safe with this stylish 3-layer cloth mask. Breathable, reusable, washable, and 100% cotton. 

Match your mask with your socks. This set includes a stylish 3-layer cloth mask, and a matching pair of socks.

"Boga" is a popular Ghanaian slang for a successful or rich Ghanaian who lives abroad. The word references the city of Hamburg in Germany, which is home to many Ghanian immigrants. When hearing the word "Boga", most Ghanians think of someone who went to hustle abroad, came back to Ghana, and is considered successful.

This mask is 100% made in Ghana, from fabric printed in Ghanaian factories.

Buying from us helps others stay safe. For every 4 masks we sell, we'll donate a medical grade mask to the doctors and nurses at Nima Polyclinic in Accra, Ghana, an underprivileged community in our founder's hometown.

Care instructions: Handwash with detergent with warm water, and then lay flat to dry. Do not tumble-dry, do not bleach.