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Dumsor Mask & Sock Combo
Dumsor Mask & Sock Combo
Dumsor Mask & Sock Combo
Dumsor Mask & Sock Combo

Dumsor Mask & Sock Combo

  • Large - US 8-13 (EU 41-46)
  • Small - US 4.5-7.5 (EU 35-40)

Stay safe with this stylish 3-layer cloth mask. Breathable, reusable, washable, and 100% cotton. 

Match your mask with your socks. This set includes a stylish 3-layer cloth mask. 

"Dumsor" is a popular Ghanaian slang whichmeans "off and on". The word is derived from the Ashanti-Twi dialect spoken in Ghana. It is the term used to describe constant and uncertain electric outages. A few years ago, during a tumultuous election period, Ghana experienced many "Dumsors", but nowadays, you can rely on good power pretty much anywhere.

This mask is 100% made in Ghana, from fabric printed in Ghanaian factories.

Buying from us helps others stay safe. For every 4 masks we sell, we'll donate a medical grade mask to the doctors and nurses at Nima Polyclinic in Accra, Ghana, an underprivileged community in our founder's hometown.

Care instructions: Handwash with detergent with warm water, and then lay flat to dry. Do not tumble-dry, do not bleach.